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Online-Ausstellung: stop/the/bus productions by Frances Scholz – Episodes of Starlite

Freie Kunst


Ort der Veranstaltung

31.07.2020 - 31.08.2020

Episode The Third, Tarth, © Frances Scholz

Episode The Third, Tarth, © Frances Scholz

Episodes of Starlite is a series of 5 films inverting archetypes of the fantasy genre from the points of view of gender, painting and the body. Projecting the existence of a mythical final film of Mark von Schlegell’s 2011 fantasy serial text Starlite, the Episodes announce a story of a female monarchy beset by male enemies on a continent that is believed to be the body of a goddess. The Episodes stage the edges of the myth’s creation – the casting, musical performance, acting, editing and light effects of an unseen Frances Scholz film. As the female nude emerges from out of zones of collaboration, craft and inspiration, from projections layered on projections, that unseen film emerges visible, abstract and uncaptured by the history of gender in art. The intention is to invert art history, to glimpse pure light, pure filmmaking, pure painting, as a fantasy no longer male at all.

The project was originally commissioned to coincide with a series of exhibitions by Cosima von Bonin (premiered at Museum Ludwig and screened a.o. at the Chisenhale Gallery, London and MOCA, LA). Episodes of Starlite was filmed between New York and Iceland.

Episodes of Starlite
A film by Frances Scholz

Based on a series of stories by Mark von Schlegell.

Leslie Allison, Lily Benson, Max Boss, Cosima von Bonin, Diane Dempster, Anna Friebe, Natalie Häusler, Susan Howe, Sergej Jensen, Athena Kokoronis, Thomas Love, Sewra Gebrai, R. Kinberg, Kasper König, Peter Mertens, Stine Omar Midtsæter, Julia Scher, Mark von Schlegell, Adele Schlombs, Oliver Tepel, Stefan Walderdorff, Volker Zander a.o.

R. Kinberg, Susan Howe

Cosima von Bonin and stop/the/bus productions

Music by:
Allie, Cyan Kid, Easter, Oh Ne, Cross, Rabbie Milkblood, Pjtr Kaufmann, Vertical Snakes

Zuletzt bearbeitet von Sabine Maag, Veranstaltungsmanagement